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War of the Wizards is a collaborative storytelling game with elements of RPGs and escape rooms. The game is 90 minutes and played on Zoom with coworkers. War of the Wizards is a fun Zoom game that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

Learn more about War of the Wizards. When playing Codenames via Zoom, have one player, who is not a spymaster, share their screen. Then, split participants into either the red or blue team, and designate one person as the spymaster of each team.

As players attempt to guess which cards their spymaster hints at, send teams off into breakout rooms, so they can discuss their strategy. Whichever team successfully guesses all cards with their color first, while avoiding the forbidden card, wins the game.

Even if your teammates did not grow up playing rock, paper, scissors, the rules are easy enough to explain: scissor cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors. You can give the game a modern update for Zoom by using the reactions feature to answer in place of hand gestures. The key is as follows:. When all players respond, count up the reactions and the majority wins. Most adults love a good murder mystery, and your coworkers can solve an engaging mystery right on Zoom.

Players can work in teams and use breakout rooms to swap clues and unravel the case together. A facilitator can guide the game and entertain attendees while moving the story forward. Learn more about murder mystery games online. Bet on the Crowd turns Zoom polls into a fun wagering game. First, participants will vote on a question or series of questions.

You can either stick to a two answer format, or allow for up to four answers. Before you reveal the responses, ask your teammates to guess which answer will win. Any player who correctly predicts the majority wins the round. You can play multiple games and keep score, awarding a prize to the highest-ranking teammates. Here is a list of this or that questions you can use as prompts. To play Trial by Trolley, separate your team into two groups with each group assigned to one side of the tracks.

After drawing cards, each group places cards with characters onto the track. Once all players have put down their cards, each group debates with the conductor over which side should be run over by the trolley. The group that loses the debate sees all their characters killed, and the game resets for the next round. This site has a Zoom friendly version of Trial by Trolley. Virtual Werewolf is the online version of the popular game of deception.

To play this game, privately message everyone their role. These roles should include a werewolf, a medic, a hunter, a seer, and villagers. Once everyone knows who they are, gather your coworkers in a Zoom room. Declare night has fallen, and have everyone close their eyes.

During each round, let the werewolf eat someone, the medic attempt to save someone, and the seer guess who the werewolf is. To keep the mystery alive, have the werewolf, the medic, and the seer submit their responses through private message.

Then, declare that the sun is rising, and reveal if the werewolf succeeded. Let everyone discuss who they suspect is the werewolf, and vote players out each round. If the werewolf survives until the end, they win.

Here is a step by step guide to play Werewolf online. To play Robot Training, ask one of your colleagues to share their screen. Then, using step-by-step directions, proceed to dictate the steps necessary to complete an action on that screen.

For example, ask the player to pull up Microsoft Paint and provide instructions on how to draw a cat. Here is a list of communication games to play at work. Guess Who? Since you and your coworkers know each other, you do not need to limit guesses to physical traits such as clothes or hair colors. Here are more question games to play with teams. Pictionary is a classic board game that is easy to adapt for remote teams. To play Pictionary online, you share screens and select the whiteboard app in Zoom.

The drawing teammate will receive a prompt: you can use an online Pictionary generator to choose a word. The playing team has one minute to guess the drawing. If the team does not guess before the minute expires, then other teams have a chance to steal. Charades is one of the best games to play over Zoom. To start playing Zoom Charades, split players into two teams. Then, use a random charades generator to find a word to act out in front of the camera.

Whichever team can guess the most prompts correctly wins the game. Here is a tool to generate random charades ideas. If you are familiar with The Masked Singer , then you may already be familiar with this game format. For this game, have multiple participants enter the Zoom call with their video turned off and with an alias as their name.

Then, let each competitor cover one minute of a song. Once voters narrow down the singer to an absolute favorite, ask the audience to guess who the last surviving singer is. Email us at [email protected]. Zoom is an entertainment life-style lottery that offers subscribers the chance to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that cut across shooting a music video, concert tickets, back-stage passes, sport and business mentorship and more.

If you select pay with USSD, you will see a list of banks that you can choose from. Winners will be called by Mr P on their registered phone number after the raffle draw and then by video-call too. On MTN, 9mobile or an Airtel line, you can subscribe to each category only once. No as long you have a phone number and basic handset you can play. This will take away one point from your total before generating a new card. The caveat: Like the above version above, there isn’t an easy way for the other team to keep tabs on the taboo words so the person giving the clues will need to denote if they’ve said a taboo word.

Want to create a set of cards specific to your group? You can build your own deck of Taboo cards on Google slides using a template from the blog Tasty Cupcakes.

One benefit to playing this way is you don’t have to worry about screen sharing or using the honor system to keep tabs on taboo words.

One player from each team just opens the Google Slides file with one giving clues and the other following along to keep track of any taboo words said. The caveat: It’s obviously much more time consuming to make your own game entirely. However, you can save some time and energy by using a list of Taboo cards available online.

There’s a free app for a Taboo-like game called eTabu that allows you to play online with strangers or with friends. However, the “friends” version requires you to pass your phone around like you would with Heads Up. Essentially, the eTabu app is like giving all your friends their own deck of Taboo cards to play with so you don’t have to worry about screen sharing or looking off the same document. The caveat : Your free game options are pretty limited.


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