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– Why does it still take so long to get a COVID PCR test result? – CBS News

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Image for representation. In this test, a swab is taken from the throat or nose of the person who is getting tested. This swab contains a small quantity of the RNA of the virus, therefore it is amplified to produce material that is enough for testing whether or not coronavirus has infected the person.

To detect the same in the test, the RNA is converted into a two-strand DNA, using the process known as reverse transcription. Although this test is more accurate than a rapid antigen test, the time taken is also more. The test can be completed in four to eight hours, however, the results are available in one day due to time taken in collection and in the transportation of samples to the labs. This also adds to the time taken by labs to conduct this test.

If the testing lab is far from the place where the sample of the person has been collected, the test result may be available after 48 hours or more, in some cases. On the other hand, the results of the rapid antigen test can come out in about half an hour but the accuracy is less than that of an RT PCR test. The cost of RT PCR test in private labs has recently been reduced by the Delhi government and is now capped at Rs , if the sample is collected at the facility.

However, if a technician comes to your home for sample collection, the maximum price that can be taken for the same is Rs 1,



– Why rt pcr test takes time


Book Now. The world is ridden with the Coronavirus Pandemic and even though travel restrictions are not as strict as they were during the initial stages of the pandemic, RT-PCR testing is still crucial for anyone planning to travel at this time.

The interesting bit about this test is that it can give you the results within an hour of being performed. Naturally, in times of peak Covid crisis, we need quick and efficient testing to be able to take subsequent actions as quickly as possible as well. The reaction uses RNA as testing material. RNA ribonucleic acid is a single-stranded nucleic acid and it is usually found in viruses as viral RNA [1]. The test used fluorescent dyes as markers to identify genetic materials [2] that are specific to the virus being tested for.

In a real-time process, the scientists can identify this material while the process is ongoing instead of waiting for it to end. And this is how the results of the test can be delivered so quickly. Conventional RT-PCR can identify the virus once the process has ended which, for covid 19, might be just too much time considering the risks involved.

They perform rapid testing in New Jersey, eliminating the otherwise long waiting period. How is it Different from PCR? Before we determine the differences in both types of testing, we need to understand what reverse transcription is. PCR is a highly used diagnostic test, used for viruses such as Ebola. This naturally makes it a highly efficient test, providing rapid results which can greatly benefit the patient. Other than that, RT-PCR is a highly sensitive test as well and its positive findings are highly specific to the covid virus too.

Since conventional RT-PCR is not monitored while in process, there are quite a few procedures performed after the process is over to identify the genetic markers which determine the virus.

Real-Time RT-PCR is much quicker since the observations made during the process eliminate the need for endpoint analysis. Real-Time RT-PCR is also highly reliable because the entire process is performed in a single vessel, unlike conventional RT-PCR which requires the products to be transferred and tested in different variations which can risk the products being contaminated. The contamination of these products may ultimately hamper the test results as well.

Why is it Important for Travelling? You can get tested the same day or 1 hour at UMCMRI before you board the plane and, provided that you do not enter crowded areas in this period, you are in the clear for your travel plans. Similarly, in case you test positive, you can plan your isolation and treatment accordingly as well and be able to shift your travel plans to a later date as necessary.

The test is necessary to prevent spreading the virus to other people on the plane. References Rio Reverse transcription—polymerase chain reaction. Cold Spring Harbor Protocols. Journal of molecular endocrinology. A detailed model of reverse transcription and tests of crucial Cell. Jawerth N. All Rights Reserved.


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