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In this episode, we hear from members of this fast-growing community about what brought them to this online space, but also about recent turmoil within the subreddit that has left some wondering if it will endure.

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Heads up that some elements i. Ben Brock Johnson: Hey folks, we wanted to let you know that, as we were putting the finishing touches on this episode, there was a big update in the story — big enough that we debated whether or not to run the episode or hold it. Amory Sivertson: But we wanted to tell you about this community that is, right now, embroiled in an existential debate.

So stick with us. Now, onto the show. Many of which over the last month or so have been…like THIS. Amory: Inside the online movement to end work. Some good stuff in there, but you know how we do. From the anti-work subreddit. WaterBaboon You can just refer to me as WaterBaboon That’s my Reddit handle. And they said that to justify no overtime pay. Mike: They were just bullying a whole bunch of people on live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: job site and it became a really toxic, horrible situation.

Anonymous: No matter how good the moral compass of the owner is, people are sacrificed to the God of profit. Eli: My attitudes towards capitalism have changed since I was a kid and are still changing today. Mike: I don’t necessarily believe in capitalism because I think that maybe there could be a better system out there. Amory: Yes. And employees who have had it. The movement known as…. Ben: An episode we admittedly made… at work.

And what to do about it. We were watching all of this, and then near the end of … THIS happened. Ben: Yes. And then instead of negotiating for a deal with some union workers, said it was just going to hire new workers to replace them. So Redditors found the online job applications for said new jobs to replace Kellogg’s workers and started filling out fake applications. Amory: A TikTok user named Sean Black even live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: a script of code in python…which automated bogus applications.

Application has been sent. Ria: We all I think a lot of us really hate the work that we do. I mean, you talk источник the Mondays, you know, Oh, I have to get up and go to work on Monday ugh.

Ria: There’s no reason to intrinsically hate Monday more than any other day of the week. It’s the fact that you have to go into допускаете how to show my video on zoom как job that you hate that is the driving reason why you dislike Monday so much I would live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: that a pretty reasonable goal for human society and for the economy is to serve human needs and to contribute to human happiness.

And I think with the great resignation and the rise live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: antiwork, what we’re seeing is a lot of people that are willing to really start looking about at the economy and saying that the economy is a means to an overall end of human happiness and satisfaction, and not an end to be served in and of itself.

Amory: Ria does work herself by the way. She does back office work for an addiction recovery clinic.

At the time that we spoke in early January, she was also a moderator of the Antiwork subredditalong with Dory, more formally known as…. Doreen: My name is Doreen Ford. I live in the Boston area. And my username on antiwork is pretty easy. She her pronouns, I live in the south, live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: United States.

And I am a recent convert to you, the anti work movement. Ria: Well, you know, I well, I was born in I went to college, you know, right through the Great Recession. Then I went to grad can you add users to zoom account. I ended up. Burning out you know, started looking for jobs and work and realized that, you know what, this is all just kind of pointless. We’re just going to was what is this really all that life is about? Is it just working 40 hours a week for 40 years?

And then? Is that is that it, that that’s that’s what life is, where the richest society in the history of the world and that’s the best that we can do with ourselves? I think we can do better than that. Amory: Ria and Doreen represent a kind of spectrum in the history of the online antiwork community. Doreen had been moderating the community since the good old days, Ben: But even among community moderators, there’s a live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: spectrum of opinion — just like the larger community of subscribers.

So nobody — including Dory and Ria — can really speak for the community at large. Not these days, at least. Doreen: Before the the explosive growth, it was pretty chill. Ben: Doreen mostly was helping keep tabs on the thousand-member strong community as a favor for a friend. She did nothowever, expect anything to really адрес страницы of it. Live zoom meeting codes reddit – live zoom meeting codes reddit: I had been in radical politics for almost 10 years, at that point.

Amory: How it happened was either ironic or perfect. One of the things that helped the community get a bunch of attention was going viral… at the office. Ben: The subreddit for The Office. Doreen: They had a picture of all the main cast and stuff like that, and each individual member were tagged with a given subreddit.

And I believe the character named Stanley was tagged with our slash into work. And that, of all things, is one of the first time. I’m not saying it’s the first time.

I’m not saying it’s like responsible for everything, but it’s something that’s always stuck in my mind. That’s one of the first times we really blew up as a subreddit. Amory: Internet jokes as a motivating force for a movement is admittedly something that some might look askance at.

But then…when you actually listen to Stanley the character…it makes a kind of sense. Well I like pretzel day. I want to own a decommissioned lighthouse. And I want to live at the top. And nobody knows I live there. Ben: Speaking of launching into space. Doreen: Between 60 and 70 K new people per week, still top 10 comments in days and posts for three months now. Comments per day are at all time highs and we’re in the top five for most of December. Amory: If that sounds a bit like Greek it really means that among the 1.

Ben: The real world impact of loosely organized groups on the internet gets debated a lot. But if movements are groups of people working together to advance their social, political or artistic ideas, then antiwork is a movement. The tagline of the subreddit is “Unemployment for all, источник just the rich! Amory: And when this particular group focuses its efforts on ONE thing, it does have real impact. Popular posts in the community call for boycotts and for organized efforts to raise the minimum wage.

Wall Street Bets. The crazy popular community that had a big impact on stock option trading — enough to draw the ire of regulators, eviscerate hedge fund wealth, and become a constant topic on mainstream business television programming.

Ben: And…Stanley from The Office quotes aside…Doreen and Ria both actually do point to Martin Luther King Junior and Mahatma Gandhi as inspiration for what they feel is one of the most important tools in the antiwork toolbox. Direct action. Which Dory and Ria seem to have read pretty closely themselves. Doreen: Back when I first started working actually is when I got into into antiwork and when I read Bob Black’s Abolition of Workwhich is a very influential essay on the movement. Ria: You know, John Maynard Keynes — yes, the famous Keynes of Keynesian economics — suggested that, by the yearwe wouldn’t have to work more than 15 hours a week to do basic government structuring tasks and do our little bit of, you know, oversight.

But why was Keynes so wrong?


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