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– How to show computer screen on zoom

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How to show computer screen on zoom

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Instructors can either If the meeting host assigns you this role, you can enter real-time closed captioning during Zoom meetings. This is great for displaying how a physical object works or if you need someone to see something specific without moving your entire computer around. If you want another meeting participant to change a file, help you present, or demonstrate something, you can give control to that person. The more you tell us the more we can help. Not enough pictures.


Advanced Features in Zoom When Sharing Your Screen | IT@Cornell


But sometimes you want the other participants on the call to see what you see on your screen. They only see what you allow. You can choose to enable one of those two or disable both. But at any point during the meeting, the host or other participants of the call can share their entire screen.

If they choose to share the entire screen, everyone in the call will see it. This is especially useful for business meetings, presentations, or lectures. Your screen remains private until you decide to enable the sharing screen option on your own device, and no one else can do it for you.

When you attempt to share your screen on a desktop, you’ll be presented with options for basic, advanced, or files, and each will have its own sub-options. The most common option for screen sharing on Zoom is Screen which allows you to share your entire computer screen no matter what software or platform you are using. The Zoom meeting can share your internet browser, and all of your tabs would show along with the main tab.

You could also switch to other software on the computers, such as Adobe Photoshop, and the Zoom meeting will be able to see the change. Another option for sharing is Whiteboard which is a great tool for visually drawing out ideas and concepts you are trying to explain in the meeting. You can use it like you would Microsoft paint, where you’re able to draw, add text, stamp shapes, and more. This function will share your other devices to your desktop for everyone to see. The other options will depend on how many apps you have open on your desktop.

These options will have the platform’s icon next to the sharing option, and when chosen, will only share that platform. This can be useful if you are with a group of friends and looking to play online games using Zoom and don’t want anything else except for the game to show.

If you were to have a game open and switch to another platform like your internet browser, Zoom would only show the game to attendees in the meeting. Joining a Zoom meeting or webinar is generally as easy as: clicking Work Remotely with Zoom.

Whether for personal reasons illness, family care, etc. This article summarizes how Zoom can help with that. When you click Share Screen, at the top of your sharing selection window there is an Advanced tab Can Zoom Call Me? This is not part of the standard license, but can be requested by staff or faculty demonstrating a business need.

Beginning November 1, , Cornell Zoom Accounts vs. Personal Zoom Accounts. Zoom users should be aware of the important distinction between Cornell-authenticated Zoom accounts that is, those created through cornell.

If the meeting host assigns you this role, you can enter real-time closed captioning during Zoom meetings. Here’s how. Log In to Zoom App. You can log in through the Zoom app assuming you have downloaded the app or through the Zoom website. Both methods work fine, so use whichever you prefer. Alumni are not included in the Login for Weill Cornell Zoom. Transfer Files During Zoom Meetings. In-meeting file transfer allows attendees to send files during Zoom meetings and webinars through the Chat panel.

When you’re ready to share, tap Start presenting at the bottom of your screen. Hit Stop presenting when you’re done. Tip: To go forward and back in a PowerPoint presentation, swipe in the direction you’d like to go, or tap the forward and back buttons on the bottom of your screen. Note: If your role changes from presenter to attendee during a meeting and you’re presenting, screensharing will stop. You may want to minimize the content someone is sharing in order to better see the people in the meeting on your mobile device.

Here’s how:. Tap More actions next to the name of the person doing the sharing. Choose Minimize content from the menu. This will give you a better look at more of the people in the meeting.

You’ll still see the shared content on the lower portion of your screen. If you’re already in a meeting on your laptop, for example, you can add your phone as a companion device to present files, share live video, and much more. Any device with the Teams mobile app can be added as a companion device—just make sure the devices you’re using are signed in to the same Teams account. Tip: For more details, see Join a Teams meeting on a second device.

You’ll see a message near the top of your screen informing you that you’re currently in a meeting on another device, and asking if you want to join it on this one, too. Tap Join. You’ll then see two options: Add this device , and Transfer to this device.

Tap Add this device. If you join this way, we’ll mute your companion device’s mic and speaker to avoid causing an echo effect. When you’re ready to share something from the companion device, tap Start presenting at the bottom of the screen. On your other device, you’ll be able to see what you’re sharing, just like everyone else in the meeting. When you’re finished, tap Stop presenting , or simply hang up.


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